ERF2017 Presentations & Polls of PERASPERA Sessions

28.03.2017 | (PERASPERA, Space Robotics, ERF2017, Spin in/over) H2020 PERASPERA Presentations & Polls at ERF2017   The PERASPERA PSA hold two sessions in the ERF2017, with the objective to increase the links with the terrestrial robotics and inform about the spin in/over possibilities of the previous 2016 call and the next 2018 Call. Also, PERASPERA revived the ... Read more »

2nd Workshop Presentations, FAQ, 2018 Call & Next Steps

28.11.2016 | 2018 Call & next steps Presentation for the discursion during morning 29 November during the workshop: EC preparation-of-wp-2018-20_peraspera-28nov2016 REA-presentation-src-workshop-final p10-roadmap orbital robotics track p11-roadmap planetary robotics track p12-next steps in the src & iod OG1-esrocos_2nd_workshop OG2-gmv_ergo_2ndperasperaworkshop OG3 infuse_tenerife_peraspera_workshop_v1-0 OG4 i3ds_tenerife-workshop-1st-day OG5-sirom_sener OG6-facilitators   FAQ [2nd Workshop & 2018 Call]: Questions related to the 2nd Workshop ... Read more »

COMPET-4-2016 Video Briefing for Applicants and Evaluators

09.02.2016 | This video has been created by PERASPERA PSA  as a briefing for the evaluators and applicants. The objetive of this video is to clarify the Guidelines document of the COMPET-4-2016 and identify the key aspects of the six Operational Grants of the COMPET-4-2016- Space Robotics Technologies. Also a commented PDF version of the video have been created: ... Read more »

Where to find the Horizon 2020 call documents for Space Robotic Technologies?

11.01.2016 | The European Commission has published the final version of the 2016/2017 Space Work Programme on their Space homepage and in the Particpant Portal. It includes the topic related with Space Robotic Technologies COMPET-4-2016. You can download the full Work Programme here: Please take note that it is very important to follow the oficial guidance ... Read more »