News | 16.06.2021

2nd EOF Workshop 6-7 OCT 2021

Dear Space Robotics Community.

In order to achieve a coordinated position of the European parties, PERASPERA introduced the European Operations Framework (EOF) as an essential task to be tackled within the Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) Space Robotics Technologies.

PERASPERA-X, under the umbrella of H2020 and HE programmes of the European Union, pursues this activity and collaborates with all stakeholders to generate guidelines & principles for operations in Space (i.e. On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing, OSAM). In parallel to technology development and maturation, the EOF activity shall deliver guidelines for technical standards and provide recommendations for legal, regulation & licencing authorities.  

Thus, the scope of EOF-topics includes Technology & Operations, Standards & Definitions, Legal & Risks and Business & Commerce with special emphasis on commercialisation and future regulation, licensing and norming activities by appropriate instances.

To continue the discussions with stakeholders and to take a major step towards completion of the framework a 2nd Workshop takes place 06-07 October 2021 (virtual). You are kindly invited to participate and to contribute to the workshop.

Further details can be found in the attached agenda. Please use the registration form and send it to, feel free to also spread the message to interested partners of your community.

Especially when it comes to commercial exploitation of space, it is necessary to act with having the consciousness that space is not a place for solo runs, without rules, laws and duties towards people and the environment. Therefore, the SRC and its planned follow-on in Horizon Europe aims at the introduction of a sustainable and economically viable future space infrastructure: a paradigm shift from conventional concepts towards more adaptive and intelligent solutions, which are strongly required to explore new business opportunities in space. These solutions, to be really considered intelligent and to satisfy the needs of our future society, necessarily have to include ethical interests as well as civil and environmental protection.

Space robotics, automation and AI have been identified by stakeholders around the globe as important strategic elements for improving a sustainable and economically viable future space infrastructure. As an immediate positive effect from developing technical solutions along with EOF recommendations and guidelines, a significant improvement of European competitiveness in key areas like OSAM can be expected.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the workshop, the upcoming rich discussions and valuable outputs for all participants.

With kind regards from the PERASPERA-X Team.