3rd EOF Workshop 28-29 September 2022

The European Operations Framework EOF workshop No. 3 will bring the space robotics community of Europe together in order to achieve a coordinated position related to On-Orbit Operations. The “product” of the EOF activity is a document containing definitions, a handbook part and guidelines for all stakeholders of the community and relevant entities. The definitions and the handbook are under review between the PERASPERA-consortium and the European Commission by whom the activities are funded within the HORIZON programme.
Drafted guidelines are available to the community and under preparation & discussion. The workshop shall allow the community to agree on these guidelines and to allow the publishing of an updated (full) document by end of 2022.

The workshop will start with an international day containing updates about the Asian & American sector activities on In-orbit Servicing Manufacturing and Assembly and the current status within the European Area. The second day is foreseen to gather the European expert community into the known Breakout Groups to allow collaboration on guideline development.

A detailed programme will be available through the event website.

The workshop details are as follows:

Date:               28-29 September 2022

Venue:             :envihab @DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine Cologne, Germany

PoC:                German Space Agency @DLR, spacerobotics[at]dlr.de

Fees:               attendance to the workshop is free of charge

“BGs”:             In addition to the international part of the workshop with updates related to the worldwide status of In-Space servicing, assembly & Manufacturing you may access one out of 4 Breakout Groups in 29Sep2022. This applies for European stakeholders only and requires a selection of the BG during the registration process.

PERASPERA started EOF as part of its work on the SRC Space Robotics Technologies and generates a platform for cooperation. The workshop allows collaboration among all stakeholders to generate and agree on guidelines & principles for possible operations in Space (i.e. OOS, OSAM, ISMA) in the context of commercialisation, which supports further regulation, licensing and norming activities by appropriate instances.

Further details & registration to the 3rd EOF workshop via the event website: https://dlr.expert/3rdeof-ws