FAQ [COMPET-4-2016]

PERASPERA / FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

(This FAQ and Web portal reflects the PSA consortium’s view. The EC and REA are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains)

Q2 [COMPET-4-2016]: Where to find the H2020 2016 call documents for the SRC Space Robotics?

A: The European Commission has published the final version of the 2016/2017 Space Work Programme on their Space homepage and in the Particpant Portal under COMPET-4-2016-Space Robotic Technologies.

  • 2016-2017 Work Programme:


  • Guidance documents for the COMPET-4-2016 SRC Space Robotic Technologies:


  • Complete information for COMPET-4-2016 at the Participant Portal:


Q3 [COMPET-4-2016]: Is it possible to present or being part of different proposals for the same H2020 topic? What are the admissibility and eligibility criteria?

A: Yes is possible to present or being part of different proposals addressing the COMPET-4-2016 topics; and for more details about admissibility and eligibility criteria, visit the Participant Portal.


Q4  [COMPET-4-2016]: What is the budget dedicated by the EC to the SRC Space Robotic Technologies in the 2016 Call, and to the subsequent calls?

A: The Indicative budget for the COMPET-4-2016 2016 Call is 18 M€.

For the moment there is not indicative budget for the 2018 call and future SRC Calls, their indicative budget and topics will be defined in future space H2020 Work plans and its calls.

Q5  [COMPET-4-2016]: What are the space H2020 call 2016 tendering period, and its deadline?

A: The space H2020 2016 call opening date is 10-November 2015, and the deadline is 03 March 2016.

Q12 [COMPET-4-2016]: Is it possible to make a proposal that address several OGs for example OG3 and OG4?

A: It is possible to make a proposal that address 2 OGs but it is not recommended because this situation creates difficulties in the evaluation process and decrease the possibility of success.

Q20 [COMPET-4-2016]: Some documents seem to have a similar target, especially the D3.4 Master Plan of SRC activities and the Guidelines for Strategic Research Cluster on Space Robotics Technologies. Could you explain/advise how should we interpret each of them and/or on which shall we focus to prepare the proposal?

A: The Master Plan of activities was the internal document that we had to deliver to the Commission to define the call. The COMPET-4-2016 Guidelines (Space Robotic Technologies) is the “official” document for the Call 2016. The ‘Guidelines’ has been complemented in a more detailed document (but not official) Full Compendium Call 2016 Space Robotics Technologies with the purpose to clarify the technical details that were not covered in the ‘Oficial Guidelines’.

Also a video detailing the key aspects to be covered in the proposal has been upload in the post COMPET-4-2016 Video Briefing for Applicants and Evaluators.