PERASPERA / FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

(This FAQ and Web portal reflects the PSA consortium’s view. The EC and REA are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains)

Q10 [OG6]: A proposal for the OG6 (VPFT) can address only the orbital track test facilities?

A: No, OG6 must address both validation scenarios (planetary & orbital) with the necessary number of testbeds to fulfill all the requirements of both validation scenarios.

Q11 [OG6]: OG6 (VPFT) shall perform every necessary test?

A: OG6 shall provide the test facilities, but also allocate the necessary resources to assist the on-site support needed by the facilities and platforms for the validation of SRC activities. The validation tasks of the SRC technologies are outside the scope of the OG6 (except for the above mentioned on-site support).

Q23 [OG2] [OG6] [All OGs]: What kind of testing is expected for OG2: simulation or with the robotic platform provided by OG6. In case it is the second, what kind of test should we think about? The problem is that, while this 2016 does not aim to fully integrate all OGs, OG2 strongly depends on OG1, OG3 and the rover or spacecraft. In consequence, if these are not integrated, then the OG2 would need to develop basic functionalities.

A: The test scenario for OG2 (and all other OGs) must be provided by OG6 in the test facilities (orbital servicing and planetary exploration platforms). It is the responsibility of OG6 to provide test facilities that are able and appropriate for all OG testing. That would include provision of a Mars-yard, a rover, etc. but also the operative system in which will be running the Autonomy Framework (OG2).

The full integration of the OGs are not going to be covered in this first call, but is for example the consortium of OG2 (AF) and OG1 (RCOS) consider that is better to do the final testing running the Autonomy Framework (OG2) over the RCOS (OG1) instead of other operative system this integration will be really welcome by PERASPERA PSA. Full integration is beyond the scope and funding of this call, but partial integration is recommended, as it will strengthen the ties across the SRC.