SRC Day 14 NOV 2019 WARSAW


Workshop “SRC 2.0 in Horizon Europe”

The PERASPERA PSA, together with the DLR, organise the Workshop SRC 2.0 in Horizon Europe, In order to better meet the specific requirements of Horizon Europe and to enhance the desired commercialization of space though it might be helpful to adapt the contents and governance structure of the SRC to anticipated challenges in the coming years.

A consequent next step is, to involve as many potential stakeholders as possible to support the definition of an “SRC2.0” for Horizon Europe.

Thus PERASPERA PSA, kindly invites you to a workshop called “SRC2.0 in Horizon Europe” to be held in Berlin along with the EU HORIZON2020 Space International Information Days on November 14th/15th 2018 ( The workshop takes place at DLR Berlin premises Rutherfordstrasse 2, 12489 Berlin (5 minutes walking distance from conference center) in room “Rotunde” (107/16), on November 14th 2018 from 9:00 to 12:30.


Start Time Duration [min] Activity Description
9:00 5 Welcome & Motivation
9:05 20 What the SRC needs to achieve after H2020
9:25 30 What will change in Horizon Europe and how (EC/REA)
9:55 30 Evolution of the SRC  into Horizon Europe
10:25 75 Participants Views and Proposals (roundtable)
11:40 30 Position of the PSA on new participants/contributors/consultants/stakeholders
12:10 15 Adjourn and farewell

Major outcomes of this workshop should be:

  • First definition of the strategical objectives and main topics covered by the SRC
  • First definition of a suitable governance structure for an SRC in Horizon Europe considering an adequate representation of the stakeholders

Please sign up for the workshop until November, 9th 2018 by sending an eMail with your name, affiliation and nationality to Carina Götschenberg (

Workshop invitation (Download)

Own Workshops

PERASPERA intends to organise three workshops along the duration of the Strategic Research Clusters.

The three workshops are illustrated in the children pages.

Participation to events organised by other entities

The PERASPERA partners will take any opportunity to disseminate the goals and results of the SRC.

Participation to the events is documented in the children pages.


The success of the SRC, the ability to receive best proposals for the calls, rely on adequate publicity for the roadmap.

Therefore these activities will develop a dissemination and communication plan for the SRC.
This plan will guarantee that PSA activities, and in general Space Robotics SRC activities and results, have high visibility.

The task shall implement actions so that PSA and SRC content is disseminated:

  • Creation of a PSA web portal (media tools) to provide a fast and on-line access of all background, foreground and any other project related information (PSA events, links, public deliverables). The PSA web portal will include a web-based consultation tool, where European stakeholders (with prior identification) will be able to provide inputs on consulted topics and draft documents previously made available to them through this tool.
  • Organisation of 3 promotion events during the project life, 2 Workshops and 1 final presentation with participation of all partners involved in the PSA, as well as the operational grants consortia granted until then.
  • Participation and presentation of PSA work to relevant European and international conferences/workshops/symposia, partners dedicated events, EU-organised gatherings.
  • Organisation of sessions (within relevant events) for the comprehensive and coordinated presentation of SRC activities
  • Publication of PSA work and results in PSA’s partners own websites,
  • Ensure coherence of the PSA dissemination with the operational grants dissemination plans, promoting SRC dissemination as much as possible and ensuring that all SRC consortia respect the IPR agreements and confidentiality obligations when disseminating their own results.
  • Encouragement of all partners of PERASPERA to use their existing (national) dissemination channels and to provide tailored information for such activity.
Dissemination of results outside of the usual space landscape, e.g. work for the covering of the results in public media.


For a SRC that will deliver its final most conspicuous result in 2023-2024, to pave the way for extensive use of space robotics, the education part is very important. It is not the current generation of engineers that will make Space Robotics become mainstream. The PSA will implement a series of actions to engage this next generation of engineers into the subject of the SRC. The task will:

build outreach/education material (publishable in various media) for the promotion-of and learning-about Space Robotics. The primary output will be a compendium of resources on the applications and achievements of space robotics (mainly in Europe),
organize trainings making use of the ESA and National agencies educational programmes and resources.
  • Publish training opportunities to last-year master students in the fields covered by the PSA.