The Strategic Research Cluster and Operational Grants

The Strategic Research Cluster: Programme Support Activity and Operational Grants

The Horizon 2020 Space Strategic Research Clusters on Space Robotics and Electric Propulsion are a system of grants connected among them, aiming at a common long-term objective. The Commission considers that such an objective is best achieved through a multi-annual structured approach.

The SRC system of grants considers two types of grants:

Programme Support Activity (PSA)

The PSA is focused to the following activities and functions:

  • Elaborates an SRC roadmap and implementation plan
  • Provides advice to the Commission for the SRC calls documentation for Operational Grants
  • Contributes to the assessment of progress and results of the Operational Grants
  • Supports on the general SRC implementation

PSA is a Coordination and Support Action.

The Operational Grants (OG)

The Operational Grants will be focused to the following objectives:

  • Address the different technological challenges contained in the SRC roadmap
  • Perform the necessary developments that, when put together, achieve the overall SRC objectives

Operational Grants can be: Research and Innovation Grants (100%) or Innovation Grants (70%).

PERASPERA, as the PSA of the H2020 Space Strategic Research Clusters on Space Robotics Technologies was funded as response to COMPET-4-2014, meanwhile the first Operational Grants will be funded in response to the call topic in the 2016 Work Programme COMPET-4-2016. Subsequent Operational Grants will the funded in future Work Programmes.


H2020 Space SRC Concept and Composition

Relationship between SRC grants: the SRC Collaboration Agreement

Within each SRC the beneficiaries of each awarded grant are deemed to collaborate for the purposes of the cluster with the beneficiaries of the other awarded grants.

Each individual grant within the SRC (either the PSA or Operational Grants) will follow the general principles of H2020 in terms of proposals, evaluation, selection process and legal obligations. However, to ensure the effectiveness of the SRC’s operation overall, some specific provisions are necessary.

The Commission has applied to the first call for Operational Grants (COMPET-4-2016) the concept of “Complementary Beneficiaries” and “Complementary Grants”. The intention being that all grants within an SRC, including the PSA are complementary to each other. In order to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of this Strategic Research Cluster (SRC), the beneficiaries of complementary grants (“complementary beneficiaries”) shall conclude a written “Collaboration agreement”. The respective options of Article 2, Article 31.6 and Article 41.4 of the Model Grant Agreement will apply.

The Collaboration Agreement shall be the frame for collaboration between the SRC grants.


The SRCs Collaboration Agreement


Relationship between entities within the SRC

For more information on the concept of a Strategic Research Cluster and the Collaboration Agreement, please use the links to the European Commission information pages provided under: Related links.